Employment Opportunities

Executive Pastor

Job Title: Indy Vineyard Executive Pastor

Reports To: Senior Pastor

Schedule: Full time, attend all weekend services

Purpose of Position  

The mission of the church is To encounter the love and power of God and give it away to the world. The Executive Pastor, as a member of the senior staff Round Table, will play a critical role in helping us achieve this mission by:

  • Bringing a strong implementation ability and energy to translate mission and vision into action;

  • Building / inspiring / encouraging teams and effectively empowering and focusing the gifted people in our church;

  • Nurturing, equipping and growing leaders and potential leaders; and

  • Bringing creative ideas and experience for promoting and encouraging discipleship which leads to increased community and mission.

The Executive Pastor directly leads, manages and cares for the Indy Vineyard Church staff while overseeing the effectiveness, coordination and integration of duties within each of their areas and in service of the mission and strategies of the church. This position will oversee stewardship of church finances and facilities and facilitate unity and growth of the Body through effective leadership development, communication and technology.  

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead, manage and care for the church staff

    • Oversee staff of six

    • Lead strategic and tactical execution of ministry responsibilities and lead implementation of systems and processes that enable achievement of the church mission, vision and values.

    • Ensure staff effectiveness through goal setting, accountability, evaluation, coaching and support.

    • Lead the weekly staff meeting.

    • Manage all personnel-related matters, including hiring, repositioning and dismissing staff.

  • Manage church resources and information

    • Oversee the management of the approved church budget, of cash flow and financial reporting to the Elders.

    • Ensure integrity and effectiveness of Fellowship One, Quick Books and all other data sources and data bases of the church. Ensure that information reporting is accurate, timely and helpful for informing church leaders and the congregation about the health, issues and opportunities in our midst.

    • Oversee utilization of the church building and technology.

    • Review and author (where applicable), recommend, and then institutionalize, once approved by the Round Table, all policies and procedures for the effective operation of the church.

  • Oversee Sunday Operations

    • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure that all who gather with us each Sunday are greeted, equipped, encouraged, and connected to help us achieve our church mission.

    • Ensure that the various demographics of our Body are recognized and served appropriately. (Different types of families, different ages, different backgrounds, etc.)

  • Lead efforts to unify and grow the church

    • Chair the communication team; coordinating and initiating all communication messages and vehicles (including web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, church message boards, weekly bulletin, etc.).

    • Working with staff and Elders oversee and institute leadership development efforts, events, gatherings, etc.

    • Manage the church calendar of events.

    • Work with the Senior Pastor to leverage and integrate strategic church partnerships and collaborations amongst the congregation and the wider Body of Christ in Indianapolis.

Desired Gifting and Competencies

  • Proven ability to hear and adhere to the voice of God in order to steer responsibilities accordingly

  • 5-10 years church / ministry management and leadership experience; proven track record as an effective leader and developer of leaders

  • Evangelistic and/or apostolic 5-fold leadership gifting

  • Ability to develop and manage church staff and understand, motivate and support them

  • Strategic thinker and planner

  • Ability to effectively implement and manage administrative and operational processes and finances

  • Capable to motivate and cultivate relationships with a broad spectrum of individuals

  • Strong communication skills; individually and organizationally

  • Strong team player

  • Ability to utilize and leverage all forms of technology

Personal Requirements

  • A passionate and growing relationship with Jesus and hunger for his presence and activity in the church  

  • Commitment to Indy Vineyard Mission, Vision and Values

  • Personal discretion concerning information of ministry and individual relationships

  • Personal integrity and self-motivation in the fulfillment of ministry

  • Willingness to grow and adapt to changes in a growing local church

  • Strength to risk change in the face of inertia and resistance

If interested, send resume to Chad Lesnet at: chad_l@indyvineyard.org