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The PourHouse

The PourHouse, an organization that serves people experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. 

The Collection Box is in the Connection Lobby

For more information visit

Service Projects

Download: Service Project Application

Short & Long Term Missions Form

Please provide a completed form to the church office 6-8 weeks ahead of your trip:

Long-term Mission

Short-term Mission

Foreign Outreach

Indy Vineyard Church supports outreach efforts in Pignon, Haiti through ministry partners Promise for Haiti and Project Haiti Vineyard members have traveled to support a local hospital and have partnered with other churches to support dozens of children through primary education and a feeding program.  

Small Groups

We recognize that for well rounded spiritual growth to develop, we need to be in community with each other. We are a body and each part is significant. We need each other. To encourage you to connect to the community of believers here at Vineyard, the following opportunities are available to u. For more information, contact the leader(s) listed or Barry Tucker at

Transforming Groups:

Transforming groups are vital part of our church. This is where our community life together is centered. In transforming groups, we often eat together, learn from the Bible, pray together, laugh together and model the mission of the church – Encountering the Love and Power of God and Giving it Away to the World.

Care Team:

Help us better care for our church family. If you or someone you know at the church has had a life experience (baby, illness, loss of loved one, etc.) contact us at

All groups are open to new people. If you’d like to visit one, just email the leader of the group that's near you! If you have more questions regarding home-groups, feel free to email Barry Tucker:


Other Small Groups:

Men's Group:

        2nd Saturday of each month @ 8am

         VCC Community Room        

      Erik Anderson:

Adoptive and Foster Parents Group:

           3rd Thursday of each month @ 6:30pm in the K-1st grade Classroom

           Christine McNeal:

Indy Vineyard Arts Community (IVAC) Group: 

           Open to all artists (musicians, painters, media artists, sculptors, textile artists…every area of

           the arts) and creative types. This is primarily a place for mutual encouragement, fellowship,

           inspiration, prayer and healing. We also look for ways to develop our creativity, make art                                          

           together and contribute art projects to the church. 

          2nd Friday of each month

          VCC or McElroy Arts Bungalow in Broadripple - please call to confirm location

          Scott McElroy: or call (317) 442-3833