The Farmstead Project

The Farmstead Project describes the vision to equip and empower all generations in the Vineyard to obey the command of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.

Over the next few years, our goal is for every faithful, available and teachable person in our church to be discipled in a life-on-life relationship. 

Equipped and empowered disciples of Jesus will carry God's presence into the world – into the specific communities (fields) where God has given them presence, influence and authority. 

If you are willing to get your hands dirty, you can be equipped and empowered to tend your own heart to abide in Christ as you understand what God has given you. You then will be able to give that away by discipling another person who will be able to disciple another. 

The field to which God has called you, the one in which God has given you presence, authority and influence, is the place in which YOU will see fruit – the lost coming to Jesus, the strays streaming back to God, the wounded healed, equipped and sent and the weak strengthened to then partner with God for the expansion of His Kingdom.

The Farmstead Project 

Planting Roots…Cultivating Life...Together

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Our Story

Quite simply, the Vineyard Community Church is a growing community of people desiring to live out authentic relationships with God and each other.

Our story begins in the summer of 1985. Guess jeans, Izod shirts and giant hairdos. We started off meeting in the living room of our founding pastor, Bill Jackson, with a passion for seeking God and serving people. As that first group grew and multiplied, the church began to meet at the local YMCA. Since 2006, we’ve been gathering at our facility on Craig Street.

But our story isn’t mainly about buildings and history. It’s about people – people hungry for a real encounter with the love and power of God – people longing to live out the calling of Jesus. People wanting to put flesh and blood on the truth of the Gospel. It’s about people with ideas and dreams and about the mystery that brings them together as a people called by God – a church. It’s about people encountering God and being transformed. And, it’s about those transformed people trusting God to become a community that offers transformation to the world.

No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you are welcome to discover the way of Jesus as part of our community. When you come to the Vineyard on a Sunday morning, you can expect around 30 minutes of worship through music, followed by a biblical message relevant to the here and now in your life. Join us.


At the Vineyard, we believe in a holy and loving God, and therefore, we desire to worship Him. We have found that as we worship Jesus, our hearts are aligned with the truth about who God is and how much He loves us. In worship, we'll spend time praising God for who He is, asking Him to reveal more of Himself to us, and declaring truth about how God sees us. 

Sunday Morning Worship:

On a typical Sunday morning, our worship through music usually lasts around 30 minutes. We incorporate drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments to get a sound much like you would hear on the radio today. We have many different worship leaders, each of whom bring their own musical styles, arrangements, and passions to the Sunday Mornings. All of them, however, have the singular intention of loving Jesus through their worship.  


Worship Team :

If you'd like to be a part of the worship team by playing an instrument, singing, or running sound please email and request an application.