Indy Vineyard Arts Community

The Indy Vineyard Arts Community is an intentional community of Christ-following artists, writers, actors, musicians, and creatives of all types. Come for connection, encouragement, inspiration, and hands-on creativity.

Except for summer, IVAC meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7pm-9pm. During summer, we focus on special events to spark creativity, enrich fellowship, and leave room for needed rest. See schedule below for details.

First Tuesdays are devoted to Creative Connection; a time to gather, pray and be refreshed. These times will focus on spiritual enrichment via studies and discussions on the nature and call of the artist. There will also be time for prayer and individual encouragement.

Third Tuesdays are devoted to Open Studio. This is a time to fellowship and create together. There will be art supplies on hand and items from which to draw inspiration. Come create something new, or bring a project you are already working on. Sometimes we do workshops, too, so stay tuned!

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Gallery Info

Current lobby gallery: Exousia by Keith Lowe

Summer gallery call: Beauty in Imperfection - click here for info

Gallery release form: click here

2019 Schedule

June 5: Beauty in Imperfection gallery entries DUE!

June 16: Beauty in Imperfection opens in church lobby

June 29: Finding Divine Inspiration workshop (details TBA)

July 14: Coffee Lobby Reception for IVAC Gallery Artists

July 20: Training for personal prophetic art team (details TBA)

August: Creative Day at Scott's House (date, details TBA)

(Fall/Winter schedule TBA - Regular meetings return in September, but expect changes!)