Heather Jessee

Heather has been a part of the Vineyard family nearly 10 years.  Her family returned to her home state after her husband served in the Air Force for 12+ years. In that relatively short time they moved 5 times.  For her there is nothing sweeter than coming home and staying more than a few years.  As a result of a lot of moves Heather has learned the value of being rooted in family and being known.  She is known as someone who has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and joy!   She has been volunteering with Vineyard Kids since she first started attending.  Her love for kids is deep.  She is moved by the Father’s love and wants each and every child to know their value.  She wants each child to know God is happy and in a good mood when He thinks about them!  She dreams big and plans for the day when each child walks in the fullness of Christ and their calling as sons and daughters.  Heather and her stud hubs, John, have been married 18 years and have three boys she regularly cries and thanks God for: Samuel, Avery, and Jack.

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