"...remember the words of the Lord Jesus: 

'It is more blessed to give than to receive,' " —Acts 20:35

Your gift to Indy Vineyard Church helps us support our 7 missions partners, provide for our Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry, and pay for the day-to-day operations of our ministries, staff, and building. We take the stewardship of those resources very seriously and we thank you for trusting us.

I was raised by a young widowed mother who faced financial challenges but gave unselfishly of herself. She was a great role model.  


When I started working, one of the companies I worked for encouraged supporting a philanthropic enterprise they favored. I participated to be accepted in the company. Living in the world, there was not much I wanted to give my money to.


When the Lord finally humbled me and started demonstrating his power in my life, it caused me to reconsider what money meant to me. Previously I earned money and frittered it away on what I wanted. As I learned more, I realized all the money, blessings, and any gifts I had were given by the Lord. He also gave us free will and we can choose what we can do with that he provides us to steward.


I initially started tithing because the Bible tells us to. That was a challenge coming from being frivolous with finances. It was amazing that it became easier to give as things moved along. Once I realized it was a gift, it became a joy give away. Joy was returned to me as I recognized blessings being poured out from giving.


He provides my needs and more. He has consistently been gracious in financial matters. I trust he will meet my needs for the rest of my life.


— Anonymous

Ways to Give

  • Online giving is easy, secure, and tax deductible when you use BreezeWhether it's a one-time or recurring gift, we are thankful for your generosity!

  • Mail

    If you prefer, you can send in checks or money orders made out to Indy Vineyard Church, or use a cash envelope provided outside the main sanctuary doors.

    Indy Vineyard Church, 8383 Craig St., Ste. 185, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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