"...remember the words of the Lord Jesus: 

'It is more blessed to give than to receive,' " —Acts 20:35

Your gift to Indy Vineyard Church helps us support our 6 missions partners, provide for our Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry, and pay for the day-to-day operations of our ministries, staff, and building. We take the stewardship of those resources very seriously and we thank you for trusting us.

We try to live our lives from a place of gratitude to God in all things. Giving is a way for us to recognize and honor His place in our lives as His children and we try to listen for His voice, His discernment, and His direction as we distribute the financial resources He has entrusted to us.  Ultimately they are all His and we seek to be faithful and open handed in how we give.

We give to the Indy Vineyard because we believe in the tithe going to our church family and we have seen God work in people’s lives in very meaningful ways through the Vineyard. We give beyond the tithe to other opportunities when we feel God is leading us to do so as well. We want to be generous with purpose because we think that’s what God is to us.

— Anonymous

Ways to Give

  • Online

    Online giving is easy, secure, and tax deductible when you use BreezeWhether it's a one-time or recurring gift, we are thankful for your generosity!

  • Mail

    If you prefer, you can send in checks or money orders made out to Indy Vineyard Church, or use a cash envelope provided outside the main sanctuary doors.

  • Amazon Smile

    If you use Amazon for shopping, go to Smile.Amazon and select our church from the menu. 

    Amazon will make a small donation to the church for every purchase you make.