Indy Vineyard Prayer

We are a praying church who seeks to

encounter the love and power of God and give it away.

We believe that prayer is the atmosphere of the church.  We can’t breathe without it.  Our expectation is that prayer is in the fabric of all we do.  We hope that you are able to find a place to step into a prayer ministry that fits you and you receive pray as part of your journey into wholeness. 

Personal Prayer

Pray and support for people in need. 

  • In His Presence

    In His Presence is a time of personal and corporate worship to prepare our hearts before the Lord. Our purpose is to lift up the Name of Jesus, to offer Him our thanksgiving, praise and worship, to listen and respond to His Spirit, to raise up common prayers, to provide a place for freedom of expression and any other ways that the Lord may lead. This is an open time of participatory worship. Everyone is welcome.

    Date and Time:  Every Sunday  |  9-10:15am

    Contact:  John Rigstad.

  • Sunday's Prayer Ministry

    After Sunday service we offer personal prayer for those who need healing from emotional, relational or physical needs, or who just want a word of encouragement or blessing.

    Date and Time:  Every Sunday at the end of service  |  11:50am  

    Contact:  David and Delana Bradbury


  • Sozo

    Come to be set free by experiencing God’s Freedom for you. Various prayer rooms, meet in the coffee lobby as well as other days and times. 

    Date and Time:  By appointment

    Contact:  Sarah Robinson and Becky Winnie


  • Healing Room

    If you or someone you know is in need of healing, come and encounter God in a loving and safe environment. People are receiving hope and healing in the presence of a good, loving and powerful Father.

    Date and Time:  Every 3rd Saturday  |  10am-Noon  |  Youth Room

    Contact:  Margot and Joe Swartz


  • David's Army

    Teams of 5-6 people cover one week a month to intercede for the needs of the church, the staff, their own team, our city and our region. Each person has a day of the week to pray, therefore, prayer covers an entire month. Communication is done through email and the teams meet once a month.

    Dates and Time:  Days vary

    Contact:  Tami Crabtree  |  317.813.3835


  • Sunday AM Intercession for Service

    Gathers 10am-10:25am, in the Hallway Prayer Room, before service to intercede for the heart of God to be made manifest in all aspects of Sunday Service. The heartbeat of this prayer team is revival in each heart and the church.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sundays  |  10-10:25am  |  Hallway Prayer Room

    Contact:  Tami Crabtree |  317.813.3835

  • Anointing Prayer

    We believe we are better together. Are you at a crossroads? Are you looking for insight? Do you need discernment?

    Facilitated by a trained prayer leader, Anointing Prayer is a chance for you to gather a group of your friends to pray for you, and hear from the Father on your behalf.

    Dates and Time:
      By Appointment 

    Contact:  Jane Fokken |  317.501.4727  TEXT preferred

  • Urgent Prayer

    We want to pray for the urgent prayers of our Vineyard family. Send an email to Dale with your prayer request and his team will pray for you.

    Dates and Time:  By Appointment

    Contact:  Dale Crabtree  |  317.254.6431


  • More Opportunities

    Interested in praying for our other ministries? 

    Click the links to learn more about each one. 

    Celebrate Recovery  

    Food Pantry Care Team

    Treasure Hunt

Intercession (David’s Army)

This warrior stance of prayer allows for protection, revelation and powerful alignment with what the father is doing. This is a group of prayer warriors who intercede for the needs of the church in weekly teams of at least 6, communicating through email and meeting once a month.


Dave Beechler — Praying for needs of the church and Celebrate Recovery



Tami Crabtree  — Praying for needs of the church

Elizabeth Harriman — Praying for needs of the church



Linda Picard — Praying for the missions of the church


Carrie Kasel — Praying for the needs of the church, children and Children’s Ministry

Shawn Israel — Praying for needs of the church and Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry (IVMFP)



Randy Gooder

— Praying for needs of the church and vision of the church

— Staff praying for needs of the church

For more info or to join a David's Army team, contact Tami & Dale Crabtree.

Click here to learn more: David’s Army Intercessory Prayer Teams — Purpose, Structure and Process

We'd love to hear your testimonials

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