The Host Team can be one of the most influential parts of our church! We are the first people that our guests and congregation will get to interact with on a Sunday morning. Greeting people as they enter the facility is more than a smile. It’s an opportunity to express God’s love through Christ and help set the tone of the upcoming worship service. We read in Romans 12:13, “Contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality;” Being on the Host Team gives an opportunity to do this.


We ask Indy Vineyard Host Team members to arrive at church at 10:00am on the Sunday you’re scheduled to greet. Your role is to be a friendly face to usher people in, to guide them to where they need to go, to answer questions or find answers to questions, and to welcome newcomers to our church. Our goal is to host people coming into our church by making them feel welcome, as well as host the presence of God through our hospitality. Church should be the most joy-filled place on earth! In addition to serving on Sunday mornings, Host Team meetings will be held occasionally for updates and training.