Indy Vineyard Arts Community

The Indy Vineyard Arts Community is an intentional community of Christ-following artists, writers, actors, musicians, and creatives of all types. Come for connection, encouragement, inspiration, and hands-on creativity.

Gallery Info

Current lobby gallery:

The Artist's Call: Clay Works by Janet Starkey

Janet Starkey has created a clay installation featuring large prayer bowls and the faces of several artists from, or connected to, IVAC. This installation echoes one she did about thirty years ago in a co-op gallery downtown. This show also features her standalone prayer bowls. Up through mid-Nov.

Online gallery

Click here to see previous live art from our church! 

Summer 2022 gallery call: 


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2021 Schedule

Sunday, 19 Sept: Janet Starkey's Gallery Opening Reception - Coffee Lobby - Noon to 1:30 pm

November: Advent gallery opens

Meeting Updates

We do not have a regular meeting time OR place this year.

Instead, we are planning to host just a few events, and are encouraging individuals to get into small groups of creative believers on their own.

Things may change quickly, especially with COVID-19.

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