Indy Vineyard Arts Community

The Indy Vineyard Arts Community is an intentional community of Christ-following artists, writers, actors, musicians, and creatives of all types. Come for connection, encouragement, inspiration, and hands-on creativity.

Gallery Info

Current lobby gallery:

Illuminated Pages from the Book of John

In the tradition of the medieval scribes, the Indy Vineyard Arts Community presents illuminated passages from the book of John, illustrated by a wide variety of visual artists. See the unique and beautiful show in the coffee lobby between May 30 and August.

Online gallery

Click here to see previous live art from our church! 

Summer 2022 gallery call: 


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2021 Schedule

Dates TBA

Meeting Updates

We do not have a regular meeting time OR place this year.

Instead, we are planning to host just a few events, and are encouraging individuals to get into small groups of creative believers on their own.

Things may change quickly, especially with COVID-19.

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