The Provision Tree

Timothy Taylor - 17 Nov 2019

"I saw a tree in the midst of a field ringed by other trees. I’ve seen it several times, lush and full of fruit. In my mind I saw Jesus inviting me to climb the tree. I sat on one of the branches and Jesus gave me a piece of fruit. As I looked down at it, I could see trees within the fruit. Then Jesus nudged the fruit toward my mouth. So, I took a bite.

I felt the Lord say, 'This is your tree, and you can eat from it whenever you want.'

'What tree is this?' I wondered

'The tree of provision,' came the reply.

I then perceived that the tree had deep roots and was well watered. 

The trees within the fruit represented the seeds.

'In your hunger,' I felt the Lord was saying, 'you have been eating the seeds with the fruit.'

I could think of countless occasions over the years where God has blessed me in incredible and unexpected ways. In desperate times, when the cupboards were nearly bare and bills needed to be paid, any income was quickly consumed. 

I felt the Lord was showing me that within every blessing, every piece of fruit, there was also a seed, and I was to ask him what the seed was (i.e. a financial portion, 10% etc) and where to plant it (person(s), ministry, etc), and thus grow the provision.

Following this came several financial blessings as confirmation, each time I broke off a piece and planted it somewhere else.

That night when I saw the tree, I noted the field around it and the other trees in the distance. The Lord explained to me that the field I saw my single tree in, was actually supposed to be full of trees. I needed to plant seeds. And that the forest of trees I saw in the distance were the trees of others.

I felt the Lord telling me, everyone has a tree."

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