Indy Vineyard Youth

We exist to equip healthy sons and daughters to encounter the love and power of God and give it away to the world.

It's the one thing that we want to achieve as a ministry. It's the goal we want to keep in mind at all times. And it's what motivates and guides everything we do. 

Our Values

  • Encounter God

    One moment can change everything. One encounter with God can alter our future, and even impact our past. We want students to have opportunities to encounter God, specifically in their everyday lives. A saying we say in our ministry is there is no Junior Holy Spirit. We want to empower students to hear from the Lord for themselves and others, experience the Holy Spirit, learn the importance of worship, and let these encounters impact their daily lives. 

  • Discover Scripture

    The world is saying one thing, while the Bible is often times saying something different. We want to grow and raise students in an environment where they view the world through the lens of scripture. What does scripture say about their present circumstance, how do you read scripture, and how is the Bible still relevant in their lives today? Discovering scripture helps lead us to deeper intimacy with Christ as we learn to understand Him in a new way. We're constantly learning and that is a gift!

  • Live Community

    Community is a word we hear a lot, but we rarely understand what it means to be in Christ centered community. Community helps refine us to look more like Christ. We teach the importance of feedback and we believe that discipleship can happen by speaking the truth in love based on Ephesians 4:15. Part of living in community is life on life discipleship. That looks like students sharing their lives with one another. It also looks like youth leaders sharing their lives and in return the students sharing their lives with the leaders. Jesus demonstrated a powerful model of discipleship by doing life alongside the disciples. It is our job as leaders to partner with students and be in their lives to point each of them towards Jesus. You don't just live IN community, you also live OUT community.

  • Go Share

    We believe that the commission of Jesus is pretty clear. We are all called to go and make disciples. That means sharing about our faith and the impact that Jesus has had on our lives. By the time student's graduate we want them to be comfortable sharing their faith with friends, family, coworkers, etc. This can look different depending on the student. There is not a set "method" for this, but by empowering students to have Gospel conversations we are enabling them to continue in their faith journey far beyond just the time that they are in our youth ministry. 

IVC Youth Summer Conference 2024

Give It Away To The World
Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28 | Castleton

Registration is now open for our Indy Vineyard Summer Conference. The date has been set for July 26th-28th. Drop-off and pick-up will be at the Indy Vineyard each day of the conference. 

Friday, July 26 | 7pm-10pm
Saturday, July 27 | 10am-10pm
Sunday, July 28 | 10:15am-8pm

Weekend Theme: We will be highlighting the second half of our youth mission statement  “...give it away to the world.” We will do this by both addressing physical and spiritual needs as both bring the Kingdom of God near.  We will be focusing on outreach throughout the whole conference.  

We will have incredible teaching on the subject from our main retreat speaker THE Ian Wray who is driving up from Nashville, TN to teach.  To engage with the incredible teaching we will have discussion groups followed up by literally practicing what is being preached. We will do this through doing multiple outreaches in the castleton area named "treasure hunts" and volunteering downtown with Shepherd Community — an organization that I volunteered for when I was in MS/HS. 

We also are going to have a blast by jumping at Skyzone on Saturday and enjoying a cookout with Games after church on Sunday.

In an attempt to encourage quality rest throughout the conference, reduce the logistics and moving parts to manage, and reduce the cost of the conference there will be no housing offered. We will all be sleeping back at our own homes each night.

Students will be picked up and dropped off each day of this 3-day event at the Indy Vineyard Church Youth Room (8383 Craig St #185, Indianapolis, IN 46250). 

The conference cost will be $50 + additional money on hand for three meals at the Castleton Mall Food Court estimated at $30-$50 cash or card.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER is noon Thursday, July 11th
Please register and pay for the conference by July 11th so I can be informed while making our reservations at Skyzone as well as planning transportation and food.


For more information, contact Nick Kane |

Weekly Program

Sundays from 4:00-6:30 PM

Our youth group is for all students 6th-12th grade and we meet every Sunday night for games, worship, teaching, and small groups. 


This a great time to hang out as a group, meet new people, and catch up with friends. 


Each week we have a game that helps us connect, and have an absolute blast.


We turn our attention to Jesus and spend time worshipping him. 


We open our hearts to learn and receive what God wants to teach us in his Word. 

Small Groups

We have 30 minutes each youth group set aside to meet with our small groups. Small Groups are the most important part of our night as “transformation happens in circles, not in rows!”


We want to equip your student in their journey of owning their faith. Over the last couple of years, we've put together several resources (reading plans, guides, Spotify playlist, and more) for students and also for parents. Click on the links below to access them. 



Stay Connected!