Indy Vineyard


  • In His Presence

    In His Presence is a time of personal and corporate worship to prepare our hearts before the Lord. Our purpose is to lift up the Name of Jesus, to offer Him our thanksgiving, praise and worship, to listen and respond to His Spirit, to raise up common prayers, to provide a place for freedom of expression and any other ways that the Lord may lead. This is an open time of participatory worship. Everyone is welcome.

    Dates and Times: 

    Sunday Mornings  |  9:00-10:15am  |  Youth Room

    For more information or to join the email distribution, contact
     John Rigstad.

  • Sunday AM Coffee Team

    We provide hot and iced (during the summer) coffee each Sunday morning along with bagels and some pastries. This team makes sure the coffee is fresh, there are plenty of condiments, and provides a little hospitality on Sunday mornings. This is a great way to meet others and serve those who are visiting or call Indy Vineyard their church home.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sunday Mornings  |  9:00-11:00am  |  Coffee Lobby

    Contact: Nick Kane for more information

  • Sunday AM Greeters

    We are the first people that our guests and congregation will get to interact with on a Sunday morning. Greeting people as they enter the facility is more than a smile. It’s an opportunity to express God’s love through Christ and help set the tone of the upcoming worship service. We read in Romans 12:13, “Contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.” Being on the Host Team gives an opportunity to do this.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sunday Mornings  |  10:00am  |  Coffee Lobby

    Contact: Jane Gooder

  • Sunday AM Intercession for Service

    Gathers 10am-10:25am, in the Hallway Prayer Room, before service to intercede for the heart of God to be made manifest in all aspects of Sunday Service. The heartbeat of this prayer team is revival in each heart and the church.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sundays | 10:00-10:25am | Hallway Prayer Room

    Contact: Tami Crabtree

    (317) 254-6431

  • Children's Ministry

    What is it?

    Every place you will serve in Vineyard Kids we ask for your to bring your joy and love of Jesus to the classroom. 

    What do I do?

    Each stage has its own needs so the particular traits we need are listed below. Be yourself and have fun!!

    Nursery and Toddlers

    Gentle and soft spoken towards little ones that are experiencing separation sadness

    Talking and teaching the little ones who Jesus is

    There is no junior Holy Spirit, so showing them how to pray for each other


    A willingness to get on their level and play
    Practicing and modeling praying for each other
    Be humble and teachable as you let them teach you to be childlike
    Lots of joy and patience
    Eager to have fun and explore the Kingdom
    Be patient as you redirect and help them learn to make good choices


    A willingness to get to know them and listen
    Patience as they learn how to be friends with other classmates
    Be patient as you redirect and help them make good choices
    Modeling praying for the sick and expecting them to be healed
    The willingness to invest in the children's walk with Jesus
    Lots of joy and patience
    Eager to have fun and explore the Kingdom

    Dates and Time: 

    Sunday Mornings  |  10:00am  |  Classrooms

    Contact: Heather Jessee

  • Sunday AM Tech Team

    What is it?

    Our tech team is made up of individuals that want to serve in technical ways here at the Vineyard. 

    What do I do?

    There are many different ways to serve! You can run our media computer, run our stream that we do each week, or do sound for the worship team.

    Tech Team Training is required.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sunday Mornings   | 9:00am  |  Sanctuary

    Contact: Kara Jones

  • Worship Team

    What is it?

    Our worship team is made up of lovers of Jesus who are kind, compassionate, strong, and maturing in the Lord.

    What do I do?

    You can either sing or play an instrument.

    Worship Team Training is required.

    Dates and Time: 

    Sunday Mornings   |  9:00am-Noon  |  Sanctuary

    Contact: Kara Jones

  • Sunday Morning Prayer Ministry

    After Sunday service we offer personal prayer for those who need healing from emotional, relational or physical needs. Or just what a word of encouragement or blessing.

    Date and Time:  Every Sunday  |  11:50am  


    Contact: David and Delana Bradbury

  • Personal Prayer Art

    Receive a word of encouragement through an artist as God reveals a prophetic picture for you! 

    Dates and Time: 

    Sundays as announced  |  During ministry time in the Sanctuary.

    Contact: Rae Botsford End

  • Indy Vineyard Youth Group

    If you are in Jr. High or High School and want to pursue a relationship with God while getting to know others your age we invite you to join us.

    We want to see lives formed through our group.

    Dates and Time: 
    Sundays  |  4:00-6:30pm  |  Youth Room

    For more info on our Student Ministries, contact
    Nick Kane.

  • Love After Marriage (LAM)

    Love After Marriage is a journey into deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual intimacy. Whether your marriage is good or struggling, this workshop will take you to higher levels of intimacy, communication and strength. This is a life-changing workshop which offers inner healing and sustainable ways of living a Christ-centered marriage.

    LAM is a 15 week marriage workshop with a weekend retreat that happens each winter/spring season at Indy Vineyard Church on Tuesday evenings. This year it is from January 11 - April 26, 2022, sign-ups are closed.

    Dates and Time: 

    LAM is happens in the winter/spring season for 15 weeks

    Tuesdays  |  6:30-9:00pm  |  Youth Room


    Contact:  Beth & Clint Myers

  • Jesus & Java

    Ladies, this is for you! Come together and encourage each other in the Lord with a cup of java, worship, sharing and prayer. Bring a friend and enjoy this transforming girl time! 


    Dates and Times

    Every 1st Saturday  |  11am-12:30pm  |  Youth Room

    Contact: Linda Picard

  • 60+ Refired and Refined

    For all who are age 60 and over, we have a group for you! Our 60+ Refired and Refined group is about connection through community. The second Monday of each month we have a monthly gathering to get to know each other. The designated host person/couple will provide light refreshments to go along with simple activities intended for fun and friendship.

    Date & Time:

    Every 2nd Monday | 6:30-8:30pm | Community Room

    Contact: Jacqueline Furness

  • Men's Community

    For all men who want to share, worship, pray and get connected.

    This group is for men of all ages who wish to connect with other men in the church. Typically we spend time in fellowship for the first hour, and then dive into discussion for the remainder of the time. Each week looks a little different, but come to be encouraged, pray and share community together.

    Dates and Times: 

    Every 2nd Saturday  |  8-10am |  The Living Room

    Contact: Erik Anderson

  • Indy Vineyard Missional Food Pantry (IVMFP)

    Our Missional Food Pantry serves those in need, both physically and spiritually, with the unconditional love of God through providing food, prayer and forming relationships with our recipients. In addition, our team offers Bible study and children's ministry for our volunteers' and recipients' families. Our hope is to see families grow from their current situation to a life of abundance.

    Date and Time: 

    Every 3rd Tuesday  |  6:30-8:00pm

    Contact: Mary Stevens

    For our Donation Drop-off Schedule, click HERE.

  • Indy Vineyard Arts Community (IVAC)

    A creative connection time full of inspiration and encouragement for your creative soul!

    It's a time to gather, worship, pray, eat, fellowship, and be encouraged and refreshed! Sometimes we'll create together, too.  During summer, we take a break for much-needed rest and the occasional fun event.

    Date and Time: 

    Every 3rd Thursday  |  September to May  |  7:00-9:00pm  |  Coffee Lobby

    Contact:  Rae Botsford End

    Check out the schedule, the current gallery, and more HERE.

  • Home Calling

    This group is for women who desire to be at home, from moms to grandmothers, whether or not they work outside the home. All hearts who long to minister to your families and communities from home, and resist the culture's dependence on women in the workplace are invited! We discuss a book and resources from Jill Savage, among others. We support and encourage both women at home, and those working outside the home. Please contact Tami if you'd like to join us!

    Dates and Time:

    Every 3rd Saturday  |  9:30-11:00am  |  The Green Room

    Contact:  Tami Crabtree  |  (317) 254-6431

  • Healing Room

    If you or someone you know is in need of healing, come and encounter God in a loving and safe environment. People are receiving hope and healing in the presence of a good, loving and powerful Father.


    Dates and Time: 

    Every 3rd Saturday  |  10am-Noon  |  Youth Room


    Contact: Margot & Joe Swartz  |  (317) 696-3836

  • Treasure Hunt Saturday

    Do you have a heart to see revival come to our local community? Do you desire to bring a personal touch from the Heavenly Father to those around you? Are you feeling a nudge to grow in your gifting of intercession, healing, the prophetic or evangelism? If so, Treasure Hunt outreach desires your gifting and is a place for you to plug in!


    During our time, we ask the Lord for specific people to bless and places to go and then search for the “treasured ones” we feel God is leading us to encounter! We strongly believe in the power of prayer and have found some of our best interactions have been when we had people interceding at the same time that ministry was happening! 

    Dates and Time: 

    Every 4th Saturday  |  Noon-2pm  |  Meet in the parking lot by Office Entrance

    Contact:  Sarah Hunt   TEXT Sarah Hunt at (317) 793-7934

    for more information or to be added to the monthly text updates.

  • Small Groups

    We were designed to do life together.

    Here at Indy Vineyard we desire for you to get plugged in and connected with other believers. We believe transformation happens in these smaller settings. Find one in your area and get plugged in now! You can find out more information about our groups 


    Dates and Time: 

    Various Days & Times throughout the week

    Contact: Delana Bradbury

  • David's Army

    Teams of 5-6 people cover one week a month to intercede for the needs of the church, the staff, their own team, our city and our region. Each person has a day of the week to pray, therefore, prayer covers an entire month. Communication is done through email and the teams meet once a month.

    Dates and Time: 

    Days vary


    Contact: Tami Crabtree |  (317) 254-6431

  • Anointing Prayer

    We believe we are better together. Are you at a crossroads? Are you looking for insight? Do you need discernment?

    Facilitated by a trained prayer leader, Anointing Prayer is a chance for you to gather a group of your friends to pray for you, and hear from the Father on your behalf.

    Dates and Time:

    By Appointment 

    Contact: Jane Fokken  |  (317) 501-4727 TEXT preferred

  • Sozo

    Come to be set free by experiencing God’s Freedom for you. Various prayer
    rooms, meet in the coffee lobby as well as other days and times. 

    Date and Time:  By appointment

    Contact:  SOZO to request an appointment

  • Urgent Prayer

    We want to pray for the urgent prayers of our Vineyard family. Send an email to Dale with your prayer request and his team will pray for you.

    Dates and Time: 

    By Appointment

    Contact:  Dale Crabtree  |  317-254-6431

  • Social Media

    We help connect people to people, and people to God through posting passages of Scriptures, encouragements from past sermons, and communicating various happenings in our church

    Contact:  Nick Kane