Indy Vineyard Arts Community

The Indy Vineyard Arts Community is an intentional community of Christ-following artists, writers, actors, musicians, and creatives of all types. Come for connection, encouragement, inspiration, and hands-on creativity.

We do not have a regular meeting time OR place this season.
Instead, we are planning to host just a few events, and are encouraging individuals to get into small groups of creative believers on their own.

Things may change quickly, especially with COVID-19.
**Therefore, to stay up to date, use one or both of these channels: **

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Gallery Info

Current lobby gallery: Live Art Showcase

Online gallery: Click here to see previous live art from our church! 

Summer 2021 gallery call: TBA

Gallery release form: click here

2021 Schedule

Thursday, March 18: Virtual gathering, 7pm (stay tuned via email and FB for the video chat link)



At the Vineyard, we believe in a holy and loving God, and therefore, we desire to worship Him. We have found that as we worship Jesus, our hearts are aligned with the truth about who God is and how much He loves us. In worship, we'll spend time praising God for who He is, asking Him to reveal more of Himself to us, and declaring truth about how God sees us. 

Sunday Morning Worship:

On a typical Sunday morning, our worship through music usually lasts around 30 minutes. We incorporate drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and other instruments to get a sound much like you would hear on the radio today. We have many different worship leaders, each of whom bring their own musical styles, arrangements, and passions to the Sunday Mornings. All of them, however, have the singular intention of loving Jesus through their worship.  


Worship Team :

If you'd like to be a part of the worship team by playing an instrument, singing, or running sound please email and request an application.